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6-8 Weeks Before Move

Moving requires a lot of various details to tie in together for a smooth move. Be sure there are no problems with the date of your move. You might want to confirm the moving day a few times just in case there are any errors in their system.

Get Rid of Junk
Start to decide what belongings you would like to move to the new home and what you want to eventually get rid of. A lot of people don't realize that old items that are donatable can actually save you taxes. Check with your accountant for more informatioin. You can also have a garage sale to help make room and get rid of old junk that would be useful to other people.

Gather Moving and Packing Supplies
For those who plan to pack on their own, start finding sturdy boxes and other packing supplies to slowly start labeling what should be in what box. Don't go cheap and use thin boxes because they are more likely to fall apart during a move.

Create a Floor Plan
Start thinking of how you want your furniture at your new house. If you settle on a layout, create a floor plan which will help reduce the stress during the actual move.

Familize Yourself With the New Community
Start to get familiar with the new city or town. Check with the new school to see what kind of information you will need to bring from the old school, if any.

Travel Arranagements
Start making hotel, car rental, truck rental and flight arranagements for your family. Realize that since the moving day is far ahead in the future, make sure these plans are flexible.

Keep Moving Related Receipts
Be sure to keep all the receipts that involve moving related in a folder or envelope. A lot of moving related expenses are actually tax deductible. Ask your accountant for more information on form 8822 and 3903.

Important Documents
Figure out all the important documents and personal items that are hard to replace and start gathering them together. Also, get medical and dental records for the move as well.